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Better Conference Networking is a step-by-step course on how to increase your conference attending investment.

You will learn everything you need to know to network effectively before, during and after the conference to ensure you get the best return on your time and investment in attending the conference.

How much does it cost to attend a conference?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Here's a rough estimate:

Conference Ticket: $250 - $1,500
Flight: $500
Hotel: $250 (per night)
Meals: $100 (per day)
Entertainment: $100 (per day)

TOTAL: From $1,200 to $2,450 (or more) per person, per event.

Now multiply the total cost by the number of people attending from your company, or are you paying for this yourself?

This course will teach you how to recoup your costs and then some!

“If your company is looking for the best ways to employ digital tools for sales, marketing, and professional networking, Dave is your guy. He is a deeply experienced advisor who wrote the book (literally) on building your network.”
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​​​​​​​This self-led course is for you if:

  • You want to see a return on the investment of attending a conference.

  • ​​​​​​​​​You want to connect with the right people.

  • You want to close new clients at your next conference.

  • You want to grow your network with promotional partners and potential new hires.


The 3 mistakes I'll help you avoid:

1. Not being prepared with who you can/should connect with.


2. Being "that" business card guy (or gal).

3. Feeling uncomfortable in conversations.

“You put your work and your life on hold to attend conferences and events — don’t waste the effort! 

The Better Conference Networking course will help your next conference become the one that catapults your career or pushes your business to the next level. 

Taking this course was like sitting down with a friendly networking expert over coffee and soaking up his time-tested advice. 

Don’t go into your next event without the skills you’ll pick up in Better Conference Networking.”
Pamela Wilson, Founder, BIG Brand System
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Your Course Author: Dave Delaney

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Hi, I'm Dave Delaney. I'm the author of New Business Networking (Que Publishing) and founder of Networking For Nice People. I have spent thousands of hours speaking, organizing, attending, and sponsoring conferences and networking events. 

I have learned that you must have a clear vision of what you wish to gain from attending a conference. Otherwise, you just go, see the speakers, and return back to your office without any benefit. I'm going to help you change this.

I made Better Conference Networking to help you network effectively to increase your return on the investment of attending conferences. I can't wait to show you everything I have learned, so you too can rock your next conference. 

Let's do this!


4 Lessons to Make You a Conference Networking Ninja

👉 Lesson One:

High-Efficiency, Targeted Networking
How to discover the best events & conferences

The first step in networking is to show up. In this lesson, I will walk you through some simple ways to discover local events and conferences to attend. I will also provide you with an overview and introduction, so you can get to know me a little better and submit any questions.

Video: 18 minutes.

👉 Lesson Two:

How to Prepare for Conference Success
What to research BEFORE you attend

In this section, I will teach you everything you need to do know before you attend your next conference to ensure you are fully prepared. This includes researching who is attending and making connections before you arrive.

Video: 35 minutes. Includes downloadable worksheets.

👉 Lesson Three: 

Make a Lasting Impression with Ice Breakers & Active Listening
What to do DURING the conference 

I will teach you the crucial steps to networking in-person. Talking to strangers is key (unless you're my kids).

You Will Learn:

· What to do when you arrive.
· How to actively listen to the people you meet.
· How to remember names.
· Tips for breaking the ice.
· Business card etiquette.
· Why sometimes you need to surrender to serendipity. 

Video: 29 minutes. Includes downloadable worksheets.

👉 Lesson Four: 

How to Reap the Benefits of Your New Relationships
What to do AFTER you attend

The post-conference blues are never fun. I will show you how to be sure your new relationships don't fizzle out over time.

You Will Learn:

· Best practices to follow up via email.
· Why you should connect with new connections on LinkedIn and how to do it.
· How using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to keep in touch will keep you organized.
·  How to follow up and keep in touch using Twitter and Facebook.

Video: 20 minutes. Includes downloadable worksheets.

Never waste your conference budget again...


Better Conference Networking, Only $27

  • Get started now.
  • 4 comprehensive video lessons. 
  • Worksheets to follow along.

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